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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 140: "No One Talks About 'Coneheads 2'!" w/ Mike Parker of Lowbrow Studios

Our "Dream Get Guest Quest" continues today because we're joined by one of our favorite comedic voices! You know him from College University, Clock Suckers, TONS of CollegeHumor animated videos, Sonic for Hire, and so much more; it's Mike Parker of Lowbrow Studios! He's here to discuss episode 11 of Fiveman entitled "Dangerous Treasure Hunt", as well as liquid diets, Coneheads, the Red Line, winter storms, holidays with Lowbrow Studios, the comedic genius of Stacey Silva, time traveling bakers, Mic Stans, scaring teachers, "The Lottery", breakfast cakes, a call to action for fans of the College University Podcast, being in the newspaper, ranking Digimon, Nic Cage cockroaches, being soapy rich, cleaning ducks, sulfuric acid, & more!

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