Shuffling the Deck EP 21: "The Wraith: Hell's Pit"

Ok, NOW the end of time is here, FOR REAL, because we're finishing off the first deck of ICP's Joker's Cards with "The Wraith: Hell's Pit"! Join us as we discuss the album , plus being exhausted, shortcuts for editing, Eddy Guerrero, our new podcast, Colt Cabana, deathmatch debates, "The Buffalos", late night jokes, being an elf, what makes an ICP album GOOD, Violent J alter boy, Styx, the movie of "Bowling Balls", Lloyd Kaufman's "Direct Your Own Damn Movie!", Chris Rock, Dr. Wigglefarmer, ICP fanfic, Sean's thoughts on "In My Room", mullum_mullum.livejournal.com, & more! Find the Definitive playlist HERE on Spotify!

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