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Help Marsh Land Media Grow

As a new, independent network we currently are not seeing ad revenue so, as of now, donations from our listeners is the best way to help us grow our network. However, we are not looking for money to fund personal time. We have a few goals to grow our network that you can help us with.

  1. Thanks to wonderful donors we were able to get the $132 we needed for a domain! On top of that! Thanks to more donors we were able to afford an AC unit for our recording space, treat our space to dampen echo/reverb, new microphone cables, and get new wind screens for the microphones! Our next goal is a pricey one! The computer we currently use gets the job done, but very slowly as it is ten years old. We are looking for around $300 to help supplement the price of a newer desktop.

  2. We would like to promote on both the internet through paid Facebook/Instagram promotions to get our content out to more people and canvasing local Chicago stores and conventions with flyers. Any money after the $300 will go directly into that.

  3. In addition to promotional items, if we see a large amount of donations that money will go into better equipment for the podcast, specifically better microphone cables, heavier mic stands, an 8-channel mixer, compressors to help with premixing, and, the bottom of our list, new mics.

If you donate, please send us a screenshot of the PayPal receipt to our email address,, so we can give you insane shout outs on all of our shows! If you donate over $130, James will write, record, and release a song for you. For real. He'll do it. Also, if you donate any amount of money, THANK YOU! You are amazing and truly appreciated by James, Nicole, Courtney, Monse, Corwyn, TC, & Anissa!

Thank You to Past Donors!

Steve F. (@HitPeopleGuy on Twitter)

It Takes 2 To Toku (@ItTakes2ToToku on Twitter & Instagram)
Power Playthrough (@PPlaythrough on Twitter)
Eric of Ranger Command Power Hour (@RangerCommandPH on Twitter)
Two Grapes Kela!
Tito (@that_tito on Twitter)
Shane Slocum
Courtney Halas

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