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Deth to Squids EP 02: "Trancers 2: The Return of Jack Deth" (1991)

Pass me the mustard because this week we continue our Trancers journey with the sequel, "Trancers 2: The Return of Jack Deth"! So come along as we discuss the second film, plus shots, light sensors, rental stores, bootlegs, Prehysteria, making sense of time travel, planes, Jemaine Clement, DeNiro impressions, zero singe, the safest stunt work, trash warm vodka, rabbits, Scrub-78, Ms. Puff, Quim Burger, community college, kissing future wives, deli guys, telling a friend to cut it out, Hap's hip-hop, little league, two fisted punches, firefighters, bullet time, pitch fork throwing, covering faces, circumcisions, & more!

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