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Mostly Babblin' Bibleman EP 04: "If Satan Were In A Rom-Com" w/ Shelby of "The Rom Complex"

He has risen! And by HE, we mean Bibleman of course because this week we're discussing "Bibleman: Conquering the Wrath of Rage" with new bud Shelby "R2Shelby2" Schwieterman of "The Rom Complex" and "Contents of Content" podcasts of the "Okay Owl" network! Join us as we discuss "The Simple Life", screen names, "Little Italy", rom com hidden gems, the Etsy strike, dog parents, being 30, smoking at youth group, the bible with a woman's perspective, battle with brooms, Bibleman not having all the answers, tipping, women computer characters, who "Bibleman" is for, the Wolverine picture frame meme, shipping in "Bibleman", Ludacris v. Ludicrous, & more!

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