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Mostly Babblin' Bibleman EP 06: "Let God Dom You!" w/ Kela AKA TWO GRAPES!

We're disobeying our orders to plow through Fiveman this week because we're back with Bibleman BABY! Plus, we're joined by our buddy Kela (AKA Two Grapes) who is the real reason we're tackling more Bibleman after she demanded she come on the show to discuss "Bibleman: Breaking The Bonds Of Disobedience", which can be watched on YouTube HERE. So come along as we discuss promises of the Bible, archipelagos, Christian Science, being kicked out of church, scary churches, new podcast announcement, prostates, EDITOR'S NOTE: the Skene's glands is the prostate variant in those assigned female at birth, Rachel Rivers, talk meetings, Christian rappers, chyrons, BibleWOMAN, god choosing your college, Bibleman's father in-law, reading in dreams, biological warfare, witches, electric chairs, allergies, the email challenge, & more!

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