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Mostly Babblin' Bibleman EP 08: "PISSMAS 2022!!!" w/ Corey King, Sean Marciniak, & Shane Slocum!

It's that magically, yellowy time of year... it's time to spread PISSMAS cheer!!! It's the 2022 Pissmas special and we're joined by Sean Marciniak (@GooseVK on Twitch) of "Sweaty Time Pro Wrestling", Corey King of "Hit It & Crit It" and "This Existed", plus new guest Shane Slocum (Lil Corey's BFF + roommate). They're here with us to discuss a truly disappointing episode of Bibleman entitled "Bibleman Powersource: Lambasting the Legions of Laziness"! Come along as we chat about do a Faygo taste test for the Fest of Peevan and chat about the 8 Days of Pissmas, lost media, mini horses, the living station, bible school, toys, and truly SOOOO much more!

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