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Mostly Babblin' Bibleman EP 13: "Thrust In Jesus" w/ Sean Marciniak of "Sweaty Time Pro Wrestling"!

It's a James only episode but he's brought another co-host along! Sean Marcniak, of "Sweaty Time Pro Wrestling" and, joins the show to discuss false idols in "Bibleman: Jesus Our Savior Part 1"! Come along as we chat about the show, plus eating ice cream, GooseVonKaiser, "The Wheel of Time" for PC, Willie Aames on Bibleman, John Stamos, copyright, the Savior Complex, #BlameJesus, Adele, Creed, chickens & possums, stand up to improv, rifle of damnation, chrome B-Ms, MILF Manor, mommy stiches, Squirt sodas, delusional confidence, the Berlin Wall, stock footage, god's realness, & more!

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