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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 10: "Shout Out to Loser!" w/ Kevin Gerrity

We did it! We're in the double digits (bonus episode not included, baby!) We have a HUGE get for the podcast, baby! We're joined by Kevin Gerrity, a key figure in the Chicago alt comedy scene as a co-founder/producer/curator of the artist showcase The Shithole and one third of the improv team Gnar Gnar Shredtown, baby! He is also a player character on the D&D play podcast LOW, baby! Today, Kevin joins us to discuss the Gorma 3 Stooges trilogy, episodes 15, 24, & 40 of Dairanger, baby! We talk about Kevin's journey through improv, Shoji being the coolest, a true budding friendship between men, soliciting the dark web, and how the group dynamic in a trio of quirky Gorma compares to a three man improv group! If you're in Chicago and want to see where a performance of The Shithole is going down, email! Check out the Dungeons & Dragons play through podcast, LOW, starring Kevin as Quinn! Listen to Mostly Speakin' Sentai on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, & Stitcher!

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