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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 43: "Todd Grobin's Going Away Party" w/ Melzer!

It's all about Todd Grobin's Going Away Party (and Carranger) today on the podcast because we have Melzer back on the show! Melzer gives us the run down about the creation and production of the show before we chat about episode 18 of Carranger "A Lying Heart Under Adjustment". We also discuss high school fights on Myspace, penal comics, speculative selling, Melzer's hand motions, vampire fists, spoofing film genres, Dino Deedles, Strawberry zerberts, TRIGGER WARNING at 30 minutes James reads Brotha Lynch Hung lyrics until 32 minutes, Squirt soda, Melzer figures out the plan of the Bowzock, children laughter, small businesses, summer colds, rich men diseases, ADD medication, eating grass, kind buds, teens needing hobbies, adoption, secret families, setting boundaries, female role models, James stripping like Bowzock, sour skittles, & more! Watch Melzer's web series Todd Grobin's Going Away Party on YouTube!!! It's so good! Listen to Mostly Speakin' Sentai on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, & Stitcher!

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