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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 145: "DavidCoin: Flush With Burden" w/ Stacey, David & Chase of The Jank!

We're back with another edition of the Dream Guest Get Guest this week because we're joined by Stacey, David, & Chase of The Jank and shows like "Tomorrow's Nobodies", "Mega Man Dies At The End", "How It's Played", "David Forgets" & more! Come along as we discuss episode 16 of Fiveman entitled "Hungry Heroes", plus Rustin Parring, changing last names, David's reputation, Champ the Dog, "Does Stacey Forget", props in "David Forgets", Tom Fulp, "Frosty the Snowman", living in Michigan, perverted camera boys, sitcom moms, butt wiping, giant vegis, the greatness of Arthur G6, Nicole murdering, death rollercoasters, dirty battle tactics, "FernGully", chainsaws & more! Follow The Jank at!

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