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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 150: "Kyuranger: The Version of Fiveman" w/ Joe from "Hit It & Crit

It's spring which can only mean one thing... KILLER BEES are here to pollinate the world with destruction because we watched episode 22 of Fiveman entitled "Shining Handsome Youth". We're joined by Joe from "Hit It & Crit It" to discuss the episode, plus Blade 3 boners, 2011's "Priest", pigs, sweaty women, no homework, college being a lie, big face fear, cocaine, Tom Green pranks, DVD commentary, new Dragon Boy Suede X Marsh Land Monster material, another edition of "Fencing or Fencing", Paul Bunyan, addiction vs addiction, dancing chins, sexy looks, solar energy, ICM Properties referrals, dating your parent, animal testing in Muskegon, abandonment issues, the Easter Bunny, Kangaroos, & more!

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