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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 151: "The Mechanics of Puppet Souls" w/ our buddy Marz!

We're the souls of baby dolls this week because we're discussing episode 23 of Fiveman entitled "The Five-kun Dolls" with our bud, and Nicole's co-worker, Marz (@Marz_artswede on Instagram)! Join us as we chat about dietary fiber, TMNT adult films, new cat, "The Pentaverate", conspiracy theorists in the comments, Star Trek, Marvel's "What If...", raccoon deedles from 17:14 to 21:33, caffeine, "Hole In the Wall", OnlyFans, faceless creeps, aspiring actors, prehistoric eggs, merchants, HoneyComb's "Crazy Craving", teen uprising, & more! NOTE: Background music in intro by Dead Nerves!

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