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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 155: "Let Them Grow Their Bones In Peace" w/ Shelby of "The Rom Complex"

No sleeping this week because we're discussing episode 27 of Fiveman entitled "Don't Sleep or Die" and we're joined, once again, by Shelby "R2Shelby2" Schwieterman of "The Rom Complex" and "Contents of Content" podcasts of the "Okay Owl" network! Come along as we discuss wordplay, working out, merkins, daddy throws, Shelby's dedication to podcasting, the Santa Anna winds, being a teacher, growth spurts, "Dysenteria", door-to-door mission work, log flume rides, single parents at amusement parks, real bugs looking fake, our 1st annual "KaiJULY Con", assassin Freddy Krueger, eco-terrorism, fixing Batman's priorities, adult siblings co-habitating, sleep screams, musical therapy, Nicole's navigation skills, baby diets of the 1940's, giving a crap, pee-pee, Tosh.0, experiencing "A Nightmare On Elm St." too early, casting couches, English teachers, automatic cat feeders, specialty surgeries, the Muppets of Sesame St., & more!

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