Mostly Speakin' Sentai EP 170: "Hydrogen Peroxide: Super Water" w/ Steve "Introvoid" Barnes

Eyes are dartin' from creepy men today because we're discussing episode 41 of Fiveman entitled "Scary Date"! Come along as we discuss unsolicited love letters in Super Sentai, plus Butter's love of trash, Christmas Decoration Day, tabling at conventions, chum, James' "Step By Step" obsession, suckin' on chili dogs, body fuel, December schedule, creepy love letters, the Fiveman villain fusions, terrible Zone game plans, extravagant first dates, ghosts, The Walking Dead, hitchhiking robots, sibling bullying, church in sitcoms, Godzilla vs MMPR, dino boobies, "Krampus 2", & more!

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