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Mostly Speakin' Sentai EP 197: "2023's Pissmas Special!" w/ Sean & Pearl!

It's another year, another pee taken because it's PISSMAS yet again! This year we're joined by Sean (@goosevonkaiser on Twitch) of "Sweaty Time Pro Wrestling" & Pearl (@TorchyBerry on Twitch) to discuss episode 12 of Saban's Masked Rider entitled, "Ferbus' First Christmas"! Join us as we chat about different holidays, Christmas Eve at the Mullums, Pissmas names, designer sodas, spreading fear, Eeb Dweebs, a new day of Pissmas, the Yellow Spiral of pissmas Paws, the continuing War on Pissmas, Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour", Warheads pop, Invisible Dad vibes, AJ Styles, rich friends, cotton candy at Six Flag, big red buttons, shakin' gifts, singing, Kirsten Dunst, Christmas Carolers, & more!

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