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Mostly Speakin' Sentai EP 199: "The Blood of Losers" w/ Nick Cooper of Lunchbox Comics & Collectibles

We're staying so on topic this week with comics & wrestling because we're joined by Nick Cooper of Lunchbox Comics & Collectibles (@lunchbox.comics on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok) to discuss episode 17 of Toei's Spider-Man entitled, "The Tears of Samson, the Pro Wrestler"! Join us as we chat about fertile freaks, negative weather, health updates, Shrek, godless heathens, Man-Thing and Howard the Duck, variant covers, Moon Knight, Max Bemis, Kraven the Hunter, hording comics, skirting copyright infringement, wrestling, cautionary tales, "Samson", Marvel's What If..., X-Men funding, reacting poorly, strange men, 70's pacing, sharts, the Lord's name, James lore, lying on resumes, bloody fossils, wombs, ladybugs, & more!

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