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Mostly Speakin' Sentai EP 206: "Ebenezer's 2nd Chance" w/ Jose of "Deth to Squids"

Don't you DARE cosign a loan shark loan because we watched episode 24 of Toei's Spider-Man entitled, “Crusade for the Cockroach Boy”! This week we're joined MSS All-Star guest, Jose of "Hit It & Crit It" and the NEW sci-fi/action podcast "Deth to Squids"! Come along as we chat about Frances Quinlan's "Went to LA", thigh gaps, the reviews on "Deth to Squids", cosigning loan sharks, GORP dog, the DigiDestined, Spider-Man in the window, bread dinners, bullying, PeePeePee, himbos, g-hole managers, & more!

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