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Mostly Speakin' Sentai 148: "Our Lord & Savior Willie Mays"

Father bots are raining from the sky this week because we watched episodes 19 & 20 of Fiveman entitled "Red Brawling Robot" & "Fire Up, Sibling Robo"! Join us as we discuss Super Sentai as well as "Jean Materials" ft. Dragon Boy Suede, fluid ounces, pizza cats, Andersonville Galleria, tails in the dark, James' top 3 favorite Sentai episodes, daddy alloy, flexible robots, hatching eggs, life at ejaculations, blue prints, Facebook paying a GOP firm to run a smear campaign against TikTok, how to kill Godzilla, saving the family tree, Billy Mays, "The Amazing Gayl Pile", & more!

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