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Mostly Speakin' Sentai EP 205: "The Insignificant Crumb of Hip-Hop" w/ Kris "That Fedd" Fedder

Don't gambling your life, or deed to the school for orphans, away because we watched episode 23 of Toei's Spider-Man entitled, “The School of Love for Children Without Homes”! We're joined with former guest, hometown bestie, and fellow music man Kris "That Fedd" Fedder to help celebrate the release of James' new record "The Dragon & The Monster" with DRAGON BOY SUEDE! Come along as we chat about The New Kid, health updates, no testing, "The Dragon & The Monster", the podcast "Who Charted", animal songs, DC's New 52, Indy PopCon 2024, rage quitting Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, rascal kids, 1,000 Yen bills, stealing deeds, frogs, casino games, comic book backlog, experts, inspiring, James' real name, Dorian Gray, butterflies, & more!

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