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Shuffling the Deck EP 43: "Yum Yum Bedlam"

The end is here! After one year, we have went through all (most) ICP albums and side projects to finish things off with 2021's "Yum Yum Bedlam"! Come along as we discuss that, plus stoned compliment, Ozomatli, sidewalks, Daddy-Daughter Dances, A.I. Snow, Lights Out matches, lovable villains, Sasha Banks, cutting-off-the-ring, Matt Cardona, NFTs, more Jason Aldean, classism, The Punk Rock MBA, creating characters, the Joker's Card being universal, butt kegels, Richard Cheese, The Flintstones, interesting corporations, out last sights, roadside attractions, & more! Find the Definitive playlist HERE on Spotify!

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