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Shuffling the Deck EP 01: "Carnival of Carnage"

Welcome in, Juggalos, Juggalettes, and newbies to the first episode of "Shuffling the Deck" where our goal is to create the definitive introductory ICP playlist compiled of 1-2 songs from each Insane Clown Posse album, EP, and some side projects!

Join us, hosts James (a podcaster/rapper/audio engineer plus a former teenage Juggalo with years of ICP knowledge) and Sean Marciniak (stand/improv comedian who has seen ICP wrestle on TV), as we discuss each album and make our picks! This week we chat about hometown fetishes, staying focused, living in the sewers, out ranged experience with ICP, explaining Horrorcore, our first "Rust Belt Retrospective", Leslie Williams, the '92 Wrestling Revue, wrestling Rule 34, the Island reissue of "Carnival of Carnage", ICP's socialist ideology, album reviews, production quizzes, Damon Albarn, ICP is SJWs, Young Wicked beef, trap music, JOIs, our playlist choices from "Carnival of Carnage", & more! Find the Definitive playlist HERE on spotify! Listen to Shuffling the Deck on Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Cast Box, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, & Stitcher! Use our RSS feed in your catchers as well! Want to hear more from your favorite Marsh Land Media hosts? Hear exclusive shows, podcasts, and content by heading to!

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