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Shuffling the Deck EP 12: "Tales from the Lotus Pod"

We're seeing RED this week because we're discussing 2001's "Tales from the Lotus Pod", the MARZ version! Join us as we discuss Dark Lotus, applying for a new job, the end of WCW, Edge, reddit communities, skating rinks, Austin Powers, the origin of Dark Lotus, DMX, defecation, suicidal jokes, Casper, STATS, rap groups, Halloween parties, & more! Find the Definitive playlist HERE on Spotify!

Listen to Shuffling the Deck on Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Cast Box, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, & Stitcher! Use our RSS feed in your catchers as well! Want to hear more from your favorite Marsh Land Media hosts? Hear exclusive shows, podcasts, and content by heading to! Buy some Shuffling the Deck / MLMpod MERCH, including our "Natty With Otters" shirt, over at!

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