Shuffling the Deck EP 13: "Big Money Hustla$" w/ Corey King of "This Existed"!

It's the crossover event of the week! To discuss 2000's "Big Money Hustla$", a movie that is hard to convince to others exists, we James' other co-host, have Corey King of "This Existed", on to dive in! Join us as we chat about multiple player video games, shark eyes, Exploitation reviews, black & white films, foreskin, working on films, James' first time watching BMH, the big screen, rhyming in conversation, body dysmorphia, auteur directors, Detroit premium, enamel care, sweaty keys, soliloquies, & more! Follow Corey on Twitch.tv/Nomadz101! Find the Definitive playlist HERE on Spotify!

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